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Sarah Mar-Chun

Executive Chef, South Congress Hotel

FOOD PATRONUS | Black coffee in a paper cup

EARLY DAYS | I was born in Korea and adopted at about 7 months. Raised in the Pacific Northwest by my mother and father- natives of Southern California. My early days were spent exploring Puget Sound, getting lost in the forest, listening to my parents' records, and trying to tag-a-long with my older brother.

EDUCATION | School of the Hard Knocks

BACKGROUND CHECK | Started as a dishwasher in 2013 and worked my way up to where I am today! I first fell in love with hospitality when I started working at a local greasy spoon diner where I was a dishwasher, hostess, and milkshake maker. There I found a community and met some of my many chosen family members.

WHY I LOVE NW | The people

SUPER POWER | Pickling