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Jordan Pierce

Brand Experience + Partnerships Manager

FOOD PATRONUS | A Richard's Rainwater with a squeeze of lime :)

EARLY DAYS | I was born in Dallas, TX, and got to Austin as soon as I could. I first fell in love with hospitality while helping with food, merchandise, and music at private concerts around the U.S.

EDUCATION | Graduated from the University of Texas. I loved learning about entrepreneurship, psychology, and management.

BACKGROUND CHECK | I started my career by selling merchandise at concerts and making playlists for different shows, parties, and businesses.

I started with New Waterloo in May of 2023 where I work with different brand-aligned partners and get them involved with all of the fun that we have going on here. I help curate the guest experience at each of our locations. From uniforms to custom playlists and custom scents.

WHY I LOVE NW | The amazing people and the awesome food.

HOSPITALITY PHILOSOPHY | Treat others the way you would like to be treated & small acts of love can go a LONG way for people.

SUPER POWER | Always being down for pickleball.