Ilse Soloranzo

Property Controller


roots | Born in Mexico / raised in Austin. I fell in love with hospitality the moment I learned it involved food and talking to people.

the stats | All my jobs involved customer service, I'm good at making relationships, but getting good tips is one of my talents :) I started out slingin' sno cones at 16 and then hostessing at El Chile Group at 17. I served my way through college there - the service industry gave me enough funds to pay for college. I ended up staying with El Chile Group and helping in the office as an accountant until after graduation from Texas State.

fave thing about new waterloo | The VIBE! From the employees all the way to the partners. The culture is authentic, New Waterloo gives the family feeling! You can be YOU, no need of protocol, just BE NICE & HAVE FUN. We really live our motto.

hospitality philosophy | In hospitality we live to create experiences. We inspire, create and give pleasure from a tasty dish to an unforgettable moment.