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Frank Harris

Executive Chef, Sway Thai

FOOD PATRONUS | Steak and taters

EARLY DAYS | I was born in Kerrville, TX and raised in Canyon Lake. From an early age I liked cooking for my family and loved ones. My mom worked a lot, so when I could help with dinner or even just cook for myself it made me feel useful. I always had a passion for cooking but never knew where it would take me. The structure and discipline involved in cooking quickly had me hooked.

EDUCATION | I spent a couple years at St. Edwards University before starting my career making salads and desserts on the Riverwalk in San Antonio. I quickly learned that cooking was something I enjoyed. The pressure and satisfaction of a busy, successful night was a rush I wanted more of. I have always said you have the desire to learn, we can teach you how to cook. 20 years in the kitchen has brought me a lot of education.

STREET CRED | I started working in a hotel down on the Riverwalk, which brought me a wealth of knowledge and discipline. I moved back to Austin to help open the University of Texas Golf Club, where I moved into a management role and found that developing people's skills was very fulfilling. The ol' "teach a man to fish" thing. After helping to build and open a restaurant in Lakeway, I made some big life decisions and changed for the better. I started working at La Condesa in 2018, where I reconnected with Chef Rick Lopez, who was my lead line cook at that first hotel job on the Riverwalk.

HOSPITALITY PHILOSOPHY | Treat others how you wanna be treated and cook food like every table is your kin.