chef rick lopez headshot

Rick Lopez

Executive Chef, La Condesa


ROOTS | Born in raised in San Antonio, TX. I played city soccer as a youth and select soccer for 6 years. Hospitality hit me each time I dined out with my family. The best feelings came from dives and greasy spoons on San Antonio's West side!

(STREET) SMARTS | I participated in as little school as possible. Community college for culinary is all I needed to understand that experience is only gained by doing! I enjoy learning from everybody I work with.

BODY OF WORK | My first job was pressing burgers at McDonald's over a whole summer. I loved the team atmosphere and fast pace. I also enjoyed working late nights and making friends with all sorts of people.

I started New Waterloo before it was even called New Waterloo. As the Executive Chef at La Condesa, New Waterloo's first project, I hope to inspire others to create their own path. I believe in second chances, and sometimes third chances.

I started in this career with a mindset to help others and ask nothing in return. I found this was the real key to paving my own path and being happy in my work. Talent or skill only takes you so far, while helping others and being humble will open up more doors for you. I believe that creating your own luck starts with your intentions.

HOSPITALITY PHILOSOPHY | Assume everyone is your friend.

FAVE THING ABOUT NW | The support.

SUPER POWER | I can always pick the perfect song!