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Ellie Bond

Benefits Manager

FOOD PATRONUS | A Margarita- salty, Mexican, and fun!

EARLY DAYS | Born and Raised in Mexico. I am blessed with a very supportive family that has helped me achieve, nurture and cultivate my personal + professional goals, even though that meant being away from them. Coming from a Hispanic background, we tend to be hospitable by nature, getting into the hospitality industry just felt natural but being able to help our most valuable asset, our employees, gave me a sense of achievement I never imagined I could have.

EDUCATION | Bachelor's degree in International Hotel Management in Mexico City from Universidad Anahuac Mexico Norte, in Alliance with Cordon Bleu. Over 6 years of experience in the Human Resources department in the Hospitality Industry.

BACKGROUND CHECK | In 2011 I was given the opportunity to do an internship within the Human Resources Department for a multi-national hospitality company in Austin, TX. When the internship ended, I went back to Mexico to finish my Bachelor's degree and 2 years later, I was offered a job as an HR Coordinator at said company. I worked there for 5 years until it was time to part ways to continue my professional growth with a different hospitality company where I met and worked with my Director of People today!

WHY I LOVE NW | New Waterloo has taught me that things can get done while having FUN!

HOSPITALITY PHILOSOPHY | "Great leaders don't set out to be a leader, they set out to make a difference and it's never about the role- always about the goal". Employees are every company's greatest asset, they are your competitive advantage, to attract them and retain them is the biggest challenge this day and age. To have the best leadership team and competitive benefits are half the battle at NW!

SUPER POWER | I am a mom. Are you kidding? I have super hearing powers, super healing powers, great reflexes, can find lost items, and my favorite- being a multitasker! We get things done!