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Dillon Pouliot

General Manager, Waymore's Guest House & Casual Club

FOOD PATRONUS | Poutine - not just because it's close to my last name. Stay approachable, simplified, and cheesy.

EARLY DAYS | Born and raised in Middlebury, VT I grew up knowing just about everyone in town. I moved to New Orleans for college and my nearly 10 years in the Crescent City combined with the lessons learned growing up in VT made me the man I am today. As a kid, my house was open to everyone and we always had friends or family visiting. My parents taught us at an early age to appreciate different perspectives, live with humility, and to stand up for the underdog. My mom is the queen of selflessly taking care of others and she really instilled this love in's worked out well for life in hospitality!

EDUCATION | While I attended Loyola University New Orleans and have been fortunate in my educational opportunities, it has been the life lessons along the way that have shaped me into who I am. Finding common ground and connection has been my favorite area of study and I'll never stop learning. I love learning new perspectives.

BACKGROUND CHECK | I began my on-property career at the Front Desk. Along the way, I learned to make a game out of turning bad experiences into positive ones for guests and to change "complaints" into "data" to help this along. From the desk, I moved into sales where I stayed for roughly 10 years...always dipping my toe back into the "operations" waters. While I loved my time in sales, I've found the most happiness in shaping a work-life experience that our staff is happy and proud to be a part of.

I joined the New Waterloo family in 2023 and could not be happier! I get to work with a team and at a property where both are dripping with personality. We focus on what we do with the goal to always be proud of what we're providing from facility, to service, to community. This has turned into making Waymore's Guest House one of the top hotels in Nashville organically.

WHY I LOVE NW | There's a strong love of what we each do in our areas across the board, but the positive, "level" interactions I have from the top down are what make this family feel different for me.

HOSPITALITY PHILOSOPHY | Keep a strong love of putting puzzles together. Each day we walk into the building prepared to put together a puzzle. We leave each day knowing that while we're away, something might throw those puzzle pieces all over the building and we'll need to help each other find the pieces and put that puzzle back together.

SUPER POWER | Sense of Humor is king to me. My ability to keep people happy is deeply rooted in a lesson from my Grandma. Life can be a TV show and you can help to write it as a comedy or a drama.