The Farm Project

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We're Growing Up.

New Waterloo is proud to partner with The Farm Project to refocus our commitment to supporting local farmers and utilizing local products.

The Farm Project was founded by Zooey Deschanel and Jacob Pechenik with the mission to reconnect with people with their food by enabling residents to grow food their own food cost- and space-effectively, and connect consumers directly with the farmers in their communities.

In October 2018, New Waterloo created the first partnership of its kind with The Farm Project and Lettuce Grow to install 35 vertical garden towers at multiple properties. Our goal in this partnership is to empower our teams to grow the freshest, most sustainable produce possible, right outside of our own kitchens, in addition to leading the charge for change on a local and industry-wide scale.

Check out the first vertical garden installations, now sprouting in the courtyard at South Congress Hotel, the rooftop at Sway West Lake Hills and the patio at Sway South First.

Additionally, The Farm Project stopped by New Waterloo properties to show viewers the route your food takes from farm to fork and how our restaurants seek to support local farms in ATTN's "Your Food's Roots" video series.