Aaron Bingner has worn many hats in the hospitality industry. 23 years ago he took a job as a dishwasher in his hometown of Clark, South Dakota. After high school, he moved to Houston where he worked in several service roles and, coincidentally, had his first introduction to Otoko head chef Yoshi Okai via Okai’s band, The Kodiak’s. Bingner then moved to San Francisco, continuing to gain experience through a number of reputable restaurants and hotels. Like most, Bingner missed the taco and queso life of Texas and decided to return to Austin. For the past eight years, Bingner has worked at some of the city’s most highly-regarded restaurants, including Foreign and Domestic, Qui and Olamaie. He joined the Otoko & Watertrade team in 2017 as maître d', and was promoted to General Manager in 2018. Bingner oversees all reservations, service and assists in the creation of Otoko and Watertrade’s extensive beverage programs.