A modern Mexican restaurant in downtown Austin. La Condesa is inspired by the energy, culture, and cuisine of Mexico and committed to sustainably & responsibly sourcing the best ingredients from our local community. We also legit have the best margaritas in all of Austin. Ask anyone.

margaritas plz

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Better with friends. Sway is a modern Thai restaurant designed to be enjoyed communally in true Thai tradition — fun, informal meals with talk, drink + laughter. Three ways to sway --> South 1st, West Lake Hills, and Domain Northside. Or just look for the neon lotus flower.

all your sway faves

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A 12-seat Japanese omakase restaurant at South Congress Hotel. The multi-course omakase experience from Head Chef Yoshi Okai blends Tokyo-style sushi and Kyoto-style kaiseki into a unique tasting menu, selected and prepared by our chefs based on ingredient availability & seasonality. It's really special, y'all.

come say hai

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The good, the bad, il brutto. A spaghetti-western IRL. Il Brutto is neighborhood Italian spot in East Austin serving authentic Italian food. Authentic meaning there is no interpretation—this is what you would eat in Italy, presented in exactly the same way, but with east Austin vibes.

fistful of pasta

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Café No Sé

A bright, airy California-inspired all-day café. Café No Sé features seasonal breakfast, lunch & dinner fare, as well as weekend brunch and *incredible* pastries. Try the kougin amann now, thank us later.

Rosé all day

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La Matta

Panini Means Sandwich! A Panini Shop in East Austin. Native Italians Delfo Trombetta and Erind Halilaj have a simple goal: to bring the best Italian sandwiches to Austin, Texas.

I'm just here for the burrata

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Le Politique

A little oh La La, a little Texas y’all. A bright corner brasserie in Downtown Austin. French food, Austin style. Le Politique is a relaxed take on the classic brasserie experience.

mais oui

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Central Standard

Fancy yet familiar. A bar and grill on south congress Ave. A tribute to America's culinary roots, the menu features nostalgic classics.

It's time